{hello, goodbye}

Well, the last post I wrote was meant to be the end of the silence.

Apparently, it was just the beginning.

I spent the month of August heartbroken over a missed job opportunity. I may write more on that later; I may not…my heart still feels raw when I think of it, and I think I’m still processing.

I spent the month of September fighting my way back to contentment and peace, and trusting in God, after piecing together all that heartbreak. It was a hard late summer, and a hard early fall.

And then came October. I started a second, and a third, job. And suddenly life took on a whirlwind characteristic – like one of those blustery days that blow Piglets around – only it wasn’t one day, but a few, and a few more.

And suddenly it’s been two and a half months.

But God’s pushing this writing thing in my heart. I feel it, just below the surface, this need to write, to piece together thoughts and string together sentences. “Write down the revelation I give to you” is my shoddy paraphrase from Habakkuk. And I feel His urging to write down the revelation.

I spent the late summer, and the early fall, with nothing to write. But now I’m brimming over with words.

So, hello?

I’m still working the two, and three, jobs. My life is still a whirlwind. But more on that later.

So, no promises? Still just me? And this urge to write?


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