I know, I know.

I’m breaking a really, really long silence.

Almost a year.

And it wasn’t an intentional year of silence. It just…happened. Life happened and pulled and tugged, and I felt myself not willing to take the time – needing to not take the time – to form things and growth and movement into words, but to simply soak and grow and soak and grow in what God was whispering (sometimes yelling).

I needed to be present in my life without summarizing it. I needed to let it be my life without an audience. I needed to be with God and not speak about being with God.

So…here I am. Hopefully a little more regularly. Hopefully a little more faithfully.

Because, you see, it’s incredibly important to me that the words I write aren’t puffing me up, stroking the arched back of my ego till it purrs. These words, if they’re worthy of posting, need to be life-giving and about God – not about me or how pretty a phrase I can turn or how much you want to comment or view or write.

Maybe that’s why the Lord gently pulled me away from this blog – for a time of re-centering. I don’t know. I could spend many words trying to explain myself to you, but simply – it was a great year. I learned a lot. I enjoyed not writing. And I’m enjoying writing again.

You’ll notice the face lift and the fresh start.

Please forgive my messy silence and join with me again on this journey?

I’m still figuring out what this space is meant for…so have patience and hopefully God uses my silly words to bring the Kingdom into my life…and your life.


~ jc